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7 Steps in Writing Counselling Personal Statement

Importance of Personal Statement for Counselling Psychology

One of the most difficult parts of a graduate school application is the personal statement. When you’re getting ready to apply, you know that a counseling personal statement is the only part of your personality that the admissions personnel will see. It’s your one chance to make an impact and convince them you’re the right fit.

However, we all know that writing about yourself can be the hardest task since you’re walking on a thin line here. You can either be too self-criticizing and lower yourself in the eyes of the committee or you’ll end up bragging about yourself too much. Both of these outcomes seem horrible, don’t they? So how do write a perfectly balanced personal statement for counseling psychology doctorate? Well, check out these tips and find out.

Counseling Personal Statement Tips

Follow these seven steps to write a great personal statement. They will get you a heads-up in whatever counseling program you’ve chosen.counselling psychology personal statement sample

  1. Check for clichés: Before you write, look up info about starting a personal statement and some writing cliches in general. Avoiding these can give you a good heads-up!
  2. Answer the whys: Ask yourself three things. Firstly, why graduate school? Secondly, why counseling? Thirdly, why this program?
  3. Answer the hows: How did your previous experiences prepare you for graduate school? How will you contribute to the program you’re planning on applying to?
  4. Create an outline: Once you’ve answered your questions to yourself, put the answers in a rough outline that you can later edit.
  5. Leave out the irrelevant stuff: At the graduate school level, your hobbies and your jobs should only be mentioned if they’re directly related to your area of study.
  6. Fill in your outline: Now that you know what should and shouldn’t be in your paper, fill in the edges of your outline.
  7. Edit: The final stage will be editing and proofreading. You want to present your best face to the person reading your letter, so make sure you have an error-free letter. Ask someone to look over it for you or, if you can’t find someone, read it backwards or out loud.

The biggest advice here, though, is to stay true to yourself. Let your personality shine through the words you’re writing. Showing your individuality is the best strategy in this situation. Alan Bullock from Which? University says:

personal statement counselling psychology advice

Universities with Postgraduate Psychological Counselling Program

City University of London
Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology DPsych
Graduate Certificate in Counselling Psychology Graduate Certificate
London Metropolitan University Counselling Psychology DProf
Teesside University
Counselling Psychology Doctorate
Neuromusculoskeletal Therapy PgCert
University of East London Counselling Psychology Professional Doctorate
University of Roehampton Counselling Psychology (HCPC approved and BPS accredited) DPsych
University of Wolverhampton
Counselling Psychology (Top-up) Professional Doctorate
Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
University of Brighton Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counselling PGDip
University of Manchester Counselling Psychology DCounsPsych
University of Surrey Practitioner Doctorate in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology PsychD
Regent’s University London Counselling Psychology – Dpsych
Glasgow Caledonian University Counselling Psychology
University of Chester Doctor of Professional Studies in Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies/Psychological Trauma
University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education Psychodynamic Practice PgDip

Write Personal Statement for Counseling Graduate School

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