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How to Write a Perfect UCLA Personal Statement to Get Accepted

When you are applying for UCLA, you need to write a wonderful personal statement by showing your intellectual curiosity as well as interest in personal development.

UCLA is an exciting and dynamic place to enhance your learning, so to make sure you do well in your personal statement, check these out:

Writing UCLA Personal Statement

ucla personal statementStart the essay early: It’s important to give yourself sufficient time to think of the best topics. Think through all the possible details you might wan to include in your essay. Be sure to consider rationale of every question.

ucla personal statementBe focused, be clear and be organized: Be sure that your essay has logical structure. Think and find out how you can meet the needs of your audience. Get input from people, such as your friends, relatives or teachers.

ucla personal statementBe careful on clichés and humor: What might be funny to you might not be for others that is why you need to ensure that you have to be careful in using humor and clichés. Keep in mind that the essay is your chance to give a complete picture of yourself.

ucla personal statementDo not manufacture hardship: The essay is not effective when you just provide information. It will be effective when your essay provides clear sense of your qualities. Show your challenges and opportunities.

personal statement uclaUse specific examples in illustrating ideas: It is better to use specific examples to express your ideas. Also, it will provide evidence on what you have achieved and gained over the years. In UCLA personal statement, prove yourself with written examples of who you are.

personal statement uclaGive yourself enough time to revise: Read your essay numerous times and revise from style and content. It is important to pay attention to rules of correct punctuation and grammar. Do not also forget to check for spelling mistakes and follow a proper personal statement length.

personal statement uclaFor veterans: It is better when you describe military service that developed your educational plans. Indicate your title and the benefits that it gives to you. Tell that you are indicated with military like current participant in ROTC-type program.

Requirements for UCLA for Transfer Students

  • Complete seven course pattern at the end of spring term prior to your fall enrollment
  • 2 transferrable courses in English
  • 1 transferable course in math quantitative reasoning and concepts
  • Transferable college courses such as: arts and humanities, physical and biological sciences, social and behavioral sciences
  • Every course must be worth at least three semester units
  • Earn grade of C or higher in every course
  • Complete English and Math as early as possible
  • Complete at least sixty semester units of transferable credit. No over fourteen semester units of sixty semester units should be taken pass or fail or credit or no credit
  • Earn at least 2.4 GPA in transferable courses

ucla personal statement prompt

Prompts to Answer

  • Prompt 1: Describe the world you came from for instance your community, your family or your school. Tell how this world shaped your aspirations and dreams.
  • Prompt 2: tell about your personal quality, accomplishment, talent, experience or contribution that is essential to you. What about your accomplishment and quality makes you proud and tell how it is related to who you are.

If you can’t cope with the task and need help with creating personal statement with experts, feel free to get in touch.

When you know the main requirements and the prompts to be answer in your personal statement UCLA, start writing today!

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