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Is your history personal statement that important?

If you are applying to study history then you need to ensure that your personal history statement is up to standard. Your personal statement is probably the most important part of your application. It is the only part where you have the opportunity to persuade those making the decisions that you should be selected rather than your competition. You need to ensure that you write your personal statement so that it makes you really stand out.

Writing the best personal history statement

Your personal statement for history must be free of errors if you don’t want the reader to be spending their time to look for issues with your writing rather than reading what you have written. Proofreading your own work needs to be done very carefully to eliminate errors and if possible you should always try to have a third party to go through your work. You must ensure that your personal statement for history hangs together well and reads perfectly from start to finish without appearing to be a set of unrelated paragraphs; use an underlying theme to hold it all together.

What to include in your history personal statement

Personal statements generally have to answer a question and you need to carefully answer each and every part of that question even if you find it difficult. While answering UCLA essay prompt, you need to give complete picture of you by not repeating the information mentioned in application.  You must bear in mind that the selection panel are only looking for a few things within your personal history statement and you need to ensure that they are covered:

  • Clearly show why you are interested in studying history;
  • Show how your interests have developed and what has influenced you and how;
  • Tell them how studying history fits into your future plans for your career and future studies;
  • State why you want to study with them rather than any other institution.

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