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PhD Personal Statement

Why Your PhD Personal Statement Needs to Be so Well-Written

When you apply to study for your PhD you are going to have to beat many other applicants to be awarded your place. Most will have very good qualifications and on paper will be as good a match for the program as you are. Therefore you need to differentiate yourself from the other applicants and the only way that you have to do that is through writing an engaging personal statement. A PhD application personal statement needs to grab the reader’s attention and get them to see you as the perfect choice. Achieving this, however, is far from easy and you can start by learning simple steps to writing application documents for different fields of study, such as writing film personal statement, medical personal statement, etc.
phd application personal statement help

Best PhD School You Can Apply To

Here is a list of 5 top best PhD schools in the world that you can apply to:

Harvard University in Cambridge, MA
Harvard University offers a versatile range of PhD degree program and has more than 100 research centers. For the student seeking PhD program, this is probably the best school to choose.
Stanford University
The Stanford University is one of the high reputation schools for PhD students. They offer a range of course for PhD students which include business, law, engineering, humanities, and science. They have the facility research Centre and professor.
Columbia University in New York, NY
Columbia University offers more than 50 fields of study for PhD degree program which include the following: chemical physics, Italian, epidemiology, sustainable development, Law, Physicians and Surgeons and many. They offer the opportunity to have dual PhD degrees.
Princeton University in Elizabeth, NJ
Princeton University offers over 40 Ph.D. degrees as well as dual PhD degrees. It’s well known for top research facility with more interdisciplinary programs.
University of Florida
University of Florida offers several PhD degree programs of different disciplines. A student can graduate with a PhD in a variety of discipline. This is one of the top-rated schools known for its research facility.

Writing an Engaging Personal Statement for PhD Applications

Your PhD personal statement is not a document that you can just type up and forget after 5 minutes of work. It requires careful thought and even more careful writing. You will be judged as much on the content of the statement as you will on how it is actually written. It has to show that you are highly passionate about your subject and that you have clear ideas as to where your research and career are headed. You also have to show that their PhD program is a vital part of your future as well as your ability to complete it. This needs to be achieved in a document that is:

  • Highly focused and positive, never talk about what you will not be doing.
  • Written in the appropriate language, don’t use flowery language or long words from the thesaurus.
  • Free of redundant text, don’t state the obvious, use clichés, or talk about irrelevancies.
  • Personal about you, free of plagiarism and no lies.
Professionally Written Sample of Personal Statement for PhD
phd personal statement sample
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Have Your PhD Application Personal Statement Written by an Expert

Not everyone is comfortable nor do they have the time for writing a highly engaging personal statement. It is often far better for them to actually have an expert writer to write them a professional personal statement. Our experts have higher degrees and have written many successful PhD personal statements. They understand what is required to ensure that your statement is a compelling read that will make you stand out. They will work with you to understand you and to ensure that your highly personalized statement truly reflects you.
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We Guarantee a Top-Notch Personal Statement for PhD Writing

Your PhD personal statement or for instance anesthesiology personal statement is going to be written by an expert so we really have no problems with providing you with a money back guarantee. They will provide you with a draft on which you can suggest an unlimited number of revisions. If we cannot satisfy you with our writing we will return your money. We also guarantee that your personal statement will be delivered on time as well as being free of errors and plagiarism. A professional PhD personal statement writers are your best solution because of they:

  • Understand the importance of full confidentiality
  • Know the essentials of the application process in different fields of study
  • Create a professional and creative personal statement
  • Write with the utmost originality but according to academic standards
  • Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Always work within agreed time

Professional personal statement for PhD writing – all you wanted to get from writing! Don’t settle for good luck but get your document a professional touch and stay ahead of the pack!

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