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GMAT Waiver Letter Sample

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Why Do You Need a GMAT Waiver Letter?

GMAT waiver letter sample

So what is a GMAT waiver letter in the first place? The GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is often a requirement for admission into a program such as an MBA. It is a test that can be taken in many different centers around the world and is administered to prove your abilities in this area. Not everyone, however, has the skills to take this test, especially if they have been out of education for a length of time and are nor used to exams and testing anymore.

Many programs, therefore, will allow you to waive this requirement as long as you can demonstrate your abilities in another manner. Typically this will mean that you already have a post-graduate degree, professional certification or have many years of work experience within which you can demonstrate continued advancement. Not every program will allow a waiver however and each has very definite requirements, so you should always check before you write and send your letter. If you have no idea how to create a GMAT waiver letter, you may use our experienced personal statement writer for hire. Please, check the sample and make sure you came to the right place.

gmat waiver letter writing service

5 Common Questions/Answers About GMAT Waiver Letters

The purpose of conducting GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is clearly visible from its name. Basically, this is the criteria to measure the capability of student whether he is eligible for taking admission in MBA or not? Any student, who wants to get admission in MBA or other relevant programs, must have to clear GMAT. However, there are some cases in which there is a possibility to waive off GMAT as an admission criterion. For example, if any student remains cut off from studies from a long time and now he is not ready to pass GMAT, he can put forward a GMAT waiver request letter. Similarly, if some student already has postgraduate degree in any other discipline or have several years of professional management experience, he can also apply for GMAT waive off. However, the acceptance of the document depends upon the skills and knowledge of how to write waiver letter properly. A good GMAT waiver request sample can clearly demonstrate the characteristics of a winning waiver letter. Students who want to know, how to write a waiver statement, normally ask five following questions about waiver letters:

What is GMAT?

GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is the way to judge the competency of an applicant for securing admission into the MBA program.

Do I need to clear GMAT for getting admission into MBA?

If you have recently cleared your graduate degree and have no further qualification, you must have to clear GMAT for getting admission into MBA.

A GMAT waiver request letter sample can help me up to what extent?

A good GMAT waiver request letter sample definitely can help you in writing a winning waiver letter.

How to write a good GMAT waiver letter?

Writing a good GMAT waiver letter means, you have to take care of standard format and rules for writing a waiver letter. There is no space for any error or mistake.

Who can help me in writing GMAT waiver letter?

A good online writing company who is offering services of professional writers to write guaranteed error-free, customized and winning GMAT waiver letter can help the students who want to save them GMAT.

Can a GMAT Waiver Sample Help You with Your Writing?

Samples are often the best way for you to see what is expected of you. Our sample waiver letter lets you see precisely how your own letter should be structured, the areas that should be covered, and even the tone that should be adopted. This allows you to better understand what you need to do with your letter. Do not just simply copy the letter that we provide, however, it is not going to reflect your personal reasons for wanting to have a waiver granted.

How to Write GMAT Waiver Letters Effectively

Writing an effective letter can be simple if you approach the writing in the correct way. Firstly, check that you meet the program requirements for being granted a waiver. If you do not then there is little point in you writing the letter. Your letter should be written in the following way:

  • Use a formal business letter as your base
  • Make sure that the letter is easy to read; use a font such as Times New Roman in 12pt size
  • Provide a subject line that clearly states the purpose of the letter is a GMAT waiver request
  • Address the letter to the responsible person
  • Your opening paragraph must clearly state your purpose for writing
  • The main body should detail the specific reasons why you should be granted a waiver, such as your many years of work experience
  • Summarize your reasons in your final paragraph and restate your request for a waiver
  • Ensure that you provide your signature over your printed name

We Can Help with Writing Your Waiver Letter

If you are worried about writing your GMAT letter requesting a waiver our experts are here to help you. Our services have helped many other students in your situation to write successful waiver letters. They are post graduate degree qualified and only help students in the area in which they hold qualifications and have experience.

They will work with you to gather the required information to write an effective and persuasive letter that will fully satisfy your expectations. So if you want to submit a GMAT waiver letter confidently just get in touch with our experts today for the support you can trust fully. We hope this sample was useful for you. You can use a waiver letter template to write your own letter, as well as compare 500 or 250 word personal statement samples to check the strong points of each.

expert gmat waiver sample

Our Benefits

Following are the benefits to choose our service for writing a winning GMAT waiver letter:

  • Guaranteed 100% customized and original content
  • Guaranteed On time delivery
  • Money back guarantee
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • 24/7 online customer service
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  • Affordable price

First, review a winning GMAT waiver request letter sample and then order us to write the same one in your desired time limit and highly affordable price with enjoying the amazing discounts!