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Develop Your Personal Philosophy Statement with This Checklist

A personal statement can be basically defined as a document or an extended essay you write about yourself so as to paint an image to the committee interviewing you for a learning or job position in a particular post. It is quite unique in its own way since there is no one who has the exact same passion, experiences, and thoughts as you. So, here are some pieces of professional personal statement services advice and sample for you to learn.

A personal philosophy statement is an essay that describes an author’s fundamental beliefs regarding the ideals of education, usually, regarding the purpose of school, the best way for students to learn, what subject matter should be taught and the role of the teacher in the education cycle. It is mostly used by applicants for teaching jobs in higher education. We can assist you when it comes to how to write a personal philosophy statement.

How to Make Your Personal Philosophy Statement Awesome

There are a couple of ways through you can make your personal philosophy statement enticing and awesome and this shows a proper expression of yourself. The reader will have nothing to raise since it will be quite satisfactory. You can make this particular kind of personal statement awesome by:example of a personal philosophy statement

  • Avoiding using educational jargon or very technical language.
  • Providing a clear reflection of your goals and objectives and exactly how you will achieve them. The methods to achieve your objectives should be explained well enough.
  • Writing it personally so that it is a clear reflection of your personality. Avoid using someone else to write for you or rewriting someone else’s copy.
  • Starting with a strong opening sentence which creates an impression you at quite good at expressing yourself.
  • Being honest and truthful in your expressions.
  • Proofreading the personal philosophy essay a couple of times to eliminate any errors present. You could read it out loud to your friend so they can help you identify any mistakes you may have made.

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Checklist of What to Include in Your Philosophy Personal Statement

Considering that it is required from applicants for teaching jobs in higher education, it should be written exemplarily. As explained by our example of a personal philosophy statement, particular components must be available and these include:

  • Your reasons for wanting to study the course in context. This includes how you stand to benefit from it, the motivation behind wanting to study the course and basically how your interest developed.
  • Evidence to show that you are fit for the course. Indicate clearly, you have done your research and you know exactly what studying the subject at university level entails.
  • A clear outline of how you have pursued your interest in the subject matter beyond classwork and beyond your current syllabus. This includes further reading, after which you can give critical views or reflective opinions of the study.
  • A perfect reflection on your experiences and the lesson you have learned from them and their positive contributions to your interest tor the subject in context. These could be engaging in voluntary work, work experience, visits as well as competitions.
  • A list of transferable skills which you intend to bring to the table if given that chance. These include the ability to work independently and without supervision, teamwork, appropriate time management, leadership and organizational skills including many others.

how to write a personal philosophy statement

Philosophy Personal Statement Requirements

The requirements of a philosophy personal statement are as follows:

  • It should at least within a range of 500 to 2000 words.
  • It must have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  • The introduction must be made up of a strong and catchy opening statement.
  • It should answer a particular set of questions which include who you are, what skills and experience you have and the reason for interest in the given course.


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