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MSHRM Personal Statement: How Far It Can Take You in 3 Steps

Even though some experts point out that there’s a plenty of HR specialists on the labor market nowadays, all they also agree with the following statement “HR specialists are highly sought after on the labor market” as well. How these two statements manage to coexist? Simply, the matter of fact these two statements are right but it’s not an easy task for the company to find HR employee because the good ones are rare ones. Not a long time ago the task for HR was only limited to finding the employees for the opened positions but things have changed dramatically and the roles of the HR specialist grew and evolved. If you are writing the MSHRM admission essay and for some reason don’t know where to start, ask our expert personal statement writers service and we will gladly help you.

A good professional should be able to develop a certain strategy and tactics, have the insights into collective needs and know how to match the needs of the staff and the employer. All this impossible with the random approach and this is exactly what HR degree will give you the deep understanding about so that you will be able to develop your own solid grasp as a result. 

With an extensive range of available degree options, it became almost impossible to figure out for the student which one to choose. We decided to help the students understand better what option and program could be the most suitable, unveil the mystery of MSHRM personal statement writing, and answer some common questions of students like:

  • How do I write an effective statement of purpose for a human resource program?
  • Which is best: an MBA HR or a MSHRM?
  • What does it take to get into the TISS HRM course?
  • Is it easy to get admission to Punjab university for an MBA (HR)?
  • What is the eligibility for BMM in HR college?
  • What is the best way to prepare for the entrance exam for a master’s in HR at TISS Mumbai?

human resource management personal statement careers

Hr Personal Statement: Masters or MBA Program?

Many applicants are really puzzled with the question. Is it better for me to choose the MS or MBA-hr? Determining something is often the hard task until you stumble upon useful questions like these:

  1. “How intense is my strive to move beyond HR?” An MBA could be your best fit here in case you already have a good experience and practice under your belt. 2-3 years of experience is more than enough. On MBA course you will learn accounting, marketing, finance, IT and management and learn how to develop strategic approaches.
  2. “How deep is my HR knowledge?”If you choose an MBA program that offers a concentration in HR (known as an MBA/HR), you’ll take only three or four HR-specific courses. Choose the MS program in case you want to get really savvy about the practical work like collective bargaining, recruiting techniques employee selection process.
  3. “How much time do you have?” For MSHRM degree you will have to spend between 12 and 15 classes, for the MBA this number is 16 to 20 but with the MBA degree, you will be able to run your own business.

Most Affordable HR Master’s Degree Programs 2017

Human resource management personal statement and the motivation letter for master degree in human resources are the most common documents for the MSHRM admission. Some colleges will ask a for statement and other for the motivation letter. Often these are the same things that have the aim to represent your candidature at the best focus. There’s a slight difference that distinguishes them, the motivation letter will be slightly more directed towards your future plans and career.mshrm personal statement or MBA

MSHR degree courses 2017 feature the variety of options everyone can select from and the most affordable between them are online ones:

  • University of Texas at Tyler
  • Western Carolina University
  • University of Houston
  • Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • Wilmington University

Master’s degree in HR will really open the path for the career growth for you because the statistics showed the following trend: According to Vocativ.com, a 10-year job growth study of HR jobs from 2005–2014 indicated a 151% growth rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the annual growth in HRM jobs is about 9%. Because of the growth in the HRM area, the specialists in HR area can rely on the annual salary of $85,000–$112,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Senior HRM directors earn as much as $65,000–$120,000 while the general salaries stay in the range of  $40,000–$68,000. Salaries for graduates with an MBA in human resources administration will vary from $58,847 – $128,772 (the director position) and $39,942 – $68,495 for the Human Resources Generalist accordingly.

Personal Statement for Human Resources Officer: What Really Matters

SoP for human resource management is one of the most decisive documents when the school has too many applicants with for the enrollment who feature the same education level, the same tests scores, and the same experiences, it happens often, so the human resources personal statement gives the insight into your personal soft skills that might be at the same level of importance.

hr personal statement admission documents

Writing a human resource management personal statement undergraduate level essay?

First of all, you will have to gather a bunch of documents for admission, along with a human resources statement of purpose:

  • A brief personal statement stating why you are applying to your program of interest
  • How your graduate studies will support your personal and professional objectives
  • Two professional or academic letters of reference.
  • Professional resume
  • GMAT or GRE  Requirement is omitted in many programs, f.g in Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management in Uconn University
  • Unofficial transcript(s) for all undergraduate and graduate coursework.

How to Write the Personal Statement: 3 Steps

Hr personal statement means dealing directly with people in the future, that’s why the personal statement should also deliver the sense of engagement and recognition, for this you can incorporate the words of the quality, attitude, effort and leadership that will lift the overall tone of your writing to the higher level. Brace yourself and start with gathering information.

personal statement for human resources officer writing steps

Step 1. The first thing your need to check is the personal statement for human resource management master’s word count. It can be as short as 300 words and as long as 1000 words, all depending on the course and the HR school you are applying to, check the official site before you start writing, in the directions provided by the college should be also specified the formatting, if no information about formatting featured it means it is not strictly regulated. In such cases it is recommended to use Times New Roman font 12 pt. with 1 cm. margins.

mshrm personal statement sampleStep 2. Point out what is special about the program you selected for you, what makes it unique and distinctive?

What are your career goals and fields of interest? Express every career gaps that you have in your academic history. What are your inspirations and early influences? What obstacles did you face along the way of your interest developing? What are 3 compelling reasons about your candidature that make you one of the best candidates? Make the draft and then organize your writing neatly, for this you can use the Cornell method of turning notes into writing. Here you can see how it can be written in the example. You can also learn from diversity statement samples for job application where to start and how to begin.

Step 3. Read through your statement, delete the repetitives and the cliches. Arrange the facts and events in the chronological order so that they could make a story. In order to become a better storyteller, you can read through several samples and examples. Many authoritative sources like Donald Asher’s 1991 edition of Graduate Admissions Essays – “What Works, What Doesn’t” specifies the range of the most common mistakes with personal statements. Read through yours and make sure you stay away from them. Featured below human resource management personal statement example can give you a bunch of ideas about what to write on your own.

Human Resource Personal Statement Common Mistakes:

  • Spelling errors, bad grammar.
  • Anything that starts out, “I’ve always wanted to be a ___________”.
  • Look for dates on activities. If the dates of activities are brand new then it’s a bad sign.
  • A personal statement includes too many excuses and explanations. The essay should be upbeat, engaging and persuasive.
  • Too long or way too short.
  • It doesn’t reflect your discipline.
  • Don’t tell what human resources management mean. Don’t quote famous people, reflect your own understanding of it.

MSHRM graduates have really bright perspectives in terms of employment and career growth and the personal statement could be the first step where your career evolution starts. If you are able to communicate your achievements, your strong features and your passions in the personal statement the odds are high you will be able to share them with people surrounding you in future.

Looking for the awesome MSHRM personal statement? Lean on us, get your perfect admission essay ready today!

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