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Successful Physiotherapy Personal Statement: Samples & Tips

Checklist for PTCAS Application

Completing the PTCAS application is just a single step in the personal statement physiotherapy program admission process. You also have to meet all program and PTCAS requirements prior to your application is revised.

  • Try to apply first as it takes around 5 weeks for PTCAS to authenticate your file once this is in complete status.
  • Steps to follow while applying for a PTCAS program
  • Go through all the instructions and admission requirements related to the program.
  • Make a fresh PTCAS application account.
  • Now, complete the given college attended section by filling all the institutions joined.
  • Take print of PTCAS transcript matching form for almost every in the state joined.
  • Organize all the official transcriptions that you are going to send to PTCAS along with transcription matching form enclosed.

Prerequisites for Getting a Degree in Physiotherapy

In order to take a degree in physiotherapy, one needs around two or three levels along with the PE or biological science including five GSCEs. In addition to this, you must have knowledge of math, English and one science. Every institution has set its own prerequisites, therefore, it is very important for the students to check all of them carefully. In most of the institutions, the interview or any other selection processes are also carried out along with the academic studies. You can find a prerequisite tab that will enable you to match your own coursework to the prerequisites for chosen personal statement for physiotherapy.

General Tips for Physical Therapy Personal Statement

  • Check the list of some specific universities
  • Describe your motivation. A professional personal statement help from the experts can easily help you with that.
  • Show your knowledge of the scope of physiotherapy
  • Reflect needed skills and qualities
  • Define your ambition

physiotherapy personal statement tips

Top Ranked Physiotherapy Schools

  • The University of Pittsburgh. The University of Pittsburgh is very famous among the PT school personal statement studies. It offers three years program in this field and has a pass rate of around 95 % for getting the license. The last year of this particular program contains one year clinical internship, combined with the University of Medical center and it is affiliated by the Centers for rehab services. They provide placement in different clinical offices. The most interesting thing is that students also get a monthly scholarship during their internship.
  • Washington University in St. Louis. It offers an average pass rate of 95 %. During the first two semesters, they offer approximately 125 hours of part-time clinical experience. At the completion of the second and third semester, a student will finish around 8-week full-time clinical internship. Once the 4th semester is completed, students will have around 10-week internship followed by an approximately 12-week internship. They also offer the students an opportunity to participate in the continuing faculty research programs or work as the research assistants.
  • Emory University. Emory University offers an average graduation rate of 96 % and 100 % passing rate for license exam. It offers around 2 weeks of part-time clinical experience in the starting of the 3rd semester to the 5th semester. During the 6th and 7th semester, students will get around 3 full-time clinical practices of around 10 weeks each. They also allow the students to choose elective courses in different areas such as spinal orthopaedic, advanced paediatrics, Spanish for physical therapist and sports physical therapy etc.
  • Northwestern University. Northwestern University offers a three-year program in the physiotherapy field with a 98 % graduation rate. During the first year of the program, students will get 6 weeks of clinical experience including 6 weeks in the 2nd year. The third year of the course will have around 2 clinical practices at the thirteenth week each.
  • The University of Iowa. The University of Iowa is offering the average graduation rate of 95.3 %. Basically, it is two and a half year program. This particular program comprises 37 weeks of full-time clinical practices. The clinical practices offered by this particular university are general and also involve placement in different settings.
  • MGH Institute of Health Professions. MGH offers a three-year program in physiotherapy with a 90 % average graduation rate. During the first two years, they allow the students to work in the clinics for one-half day each week. During the first second year, students will also have around 10-week full-time clinical practices. In the final year, it involves one-year full time paid internship. This particular institute also provides a one-year residency program to those students who have finished their DPT program.
  • Baylor University. Baylor University is offering around 27 months of physiotherapy program with a 97 % graduation rate. In the first year, the students will have 8 weeks of clinical affiliation. Once the didactic phase will complete, they also provide a one-year clinical internship to the students. After completing graduation, students can serve as physical therapists and commissioned officers.
  • The University of Miami. The University of Miami is providing an average pass rate of around 96 %. The clinical internship offered by this particular university is around 32 weeks. At the completion of the second year, students will have their first internship of 8 weeks and the remaining period of internship will be completed during the third year, divided into three different internships.

Facts Related to the Degree in Physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy course fees: Different universities, colleges and institutes have their own fee structure for the physiotherapy courses. Usually, your first year fees or expenses involve around £ 9, 250 per annum.
  • Physiotherapy courses in the UK: The different physiotherapy courses that can be taken in the UK are B.sc, M.sc, and PhD in physiotherapy.
  • BSc, MSc, and PhD in physiotherapy:
    • BSc in Physiotherapy: It is divided into three parts which integrate and combine both clinical practices as well as theory. The first year of this particular course is university based along with a 5 week introductory clinical placement at the completion of the first year. The second and third year comprises alternate schedule within the clinical environment and university. This would be a three years full-time course. In order to apply for this particular course, you can submit your application through colleges and universities admissions service.
    • MSc in Physiotherapy: This is also a full-time program that usually complete in two years. This course is perfect to give a direction to your profession.  After the successful completion of this particular course, you can apply to any health and care profession Council.
    • PhD: This particular course will be perfect for physiotherapists who love to do research in the area of their academic training. By doing this course, you can become a lecturer for physiotherapy.
    • Word count for physiotherapy personal statement: Around 500 words would be a perfect word count for PT school personal statement.

Overview of PTCAS Personal Statement

The Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service PTCA was first launched on 1 August 2008, by APTA. It enables the different physical therapist applicants to make the use of a single web-based application and a single set of items for applying to the multiple PT programs. American Physical Therapy Association is offering PTCAS personal statement service to the applicants and administered by the Liaison International which is a famous information company situated in Massachusetts.

All those applicants who apply with the help of PTCAS can submit their completed web-based application containing universities and colleges attended, observation hours, biographical data, work experience, personal essay, academic course history, school-specific questions, a list of reference providers, honors professional licenses etc. This is the responsibility of the applicant to read and follow the entire PTCAS application and program related instructions.

physical therapy personal statementLooking to make a career in physiotherapy industry has always been my main goal since my school years. The best thing about this particular field is that it is a nice blend of science and sports, which makes me like it the most. I have a great interest in both of these areas. One more reason for choosing a physiotherapy degree is that I usually like to inspire good fitness and health. In addition to this, I am adaptable to different conditions. And I know, being a therapist I need to adapt various patients’ requirements. There is a need for excellent communication skills and love for science, I have both of these qualities so, enable me to pursue a degree in physiotherapy.

Here is the list of application requirements for personal statement for physiotherapy:

Along with PTCA applications, this particular program may need you to send an additional application fee and certain other items directly to the institute. Additional items and applications are demanded by the university admissions office such as:

  • Official GRE scores
  • Immunization records
  • Results of a physical examination
  • Additional Fee
  • Graduate school application
  • Final transcripts.

In case you are interested in getting expert help with physiotherapy personal statement then you can ask for it right here and right now!

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