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4 Things You Need When Submitting Your PTCAS Personal Statement

Many students feel confused by the PTCAS prompt 2018-2019 that sound like:

“What is professionalism in the context of being a student in a doctor of a physical therapist degree program?”

Quite interesting sentence formulation that for some reason does not inspire students to write their personal statements, in fact, we found out that a good half is struggling with an interpretation and this apparently is the main cause of the writer’s block. While the average personal statement suggests to answer such questions as “Why you want to choose this profession” and “How can you contribute to the field of study you’re intended to work in”, PTCAS personal statement on the contrary, opens lot more room for the answering manures that makes it more complicated and challenging to write. In case you’re writing the personal statement internship it’s easier to follow 4 simple steps like keeping your document concise and positive in tone.

How to Write a Physical Therapy Statement of Purpose?

In order to master the PTCAS essay 2018-2019, first of all, you need to stick to the basic standards of writing, that is formatting and technical requirements, that include PTCAS essay word count and other elements, let’s have a brief look into those:

You are limited to approximately 1 page (4500 characters, including spaces). Some formatting characters used in programs like Word (angled quotes, accents, special characters, bold, underline or italics) will not display properly. Because of this, PTCAS recommends that text is copied/pasted into the web form from a plain text editor such as Notepad rather than Word.

Drafting your personal statement as well as PTCAS essay 2018-2019 is definitely not the easiest task, that’s why we provide the best help with personal statement along the way in the most difficult time when you need a helping hand the most. While the PTCAS essay prompt itself might be difficult to process and understand we prepared for you a set of useful tips and recommendations you may follow. Experts and experienced students insist that you shouldn’t start the writing until you know the answers to several specific questions. In the first place developed for the physical therapy statement of purpose, the advice can be universally applied for any kind of personal statement writing.

PTCAS personal statement help

1. Define the reason to become who you want (a physical therapist)

ptcas essay 2016-2017Give the definite answer to the question what makes you pursue the physical therapist career, the cornerstone part is that you need to use your own experience to show why you would make the perfect future therapist. Even if your essay is the most enchanting one, full of details and breathtaking experiences, rich of examples proving your qualifications it can’t stand alone without the most important part – the purpose of the application. Your explanation should be vivid, make yourself clear and express your intentions in the most suitable manner. Specifically for this part, the answering prompt is made for, it helps to push your thoughts in the right direction and gear your imagination for successful writing start. Check information about the NursingCAS personal statement too.

2. Define the target to address

ptcas essay promptYou should address both the given prompt and the motivation underlined for your profession. The best targets for you to pursue from now on should become the reflection, rewriting and revision, never cut time for those exercises and your application will have a greater impact. The PTCAS essay 2018-2019 requirements include the statement that the student needs to define the professionalism notion from the own angle of understanding, using only own opinion. You’ve probably already guessed the trick – the closer your notion to so-called “iconic” one and the more the main meaning matches the one they have – the better chance you have to succeed.


Best Practices to Communicate Your Determination in PTCAS Essay 2018-2019

1. Communication

This is the first and the most important thing a student needs to master before starting the actual writing and the most valuable for your future education. Take a brief look at your drafts and ask yourself:

  • Is my vocabulary sufficient to express all the details and points I need to deliver to the reader?
  • Are both my written and verbal skills close to perfection so that they can get the reader on your side?
  • Can I express properly what a great communicator I am?

Some of these may seem odd at first sight but remember that it is the communication that takes the most important part in building patient-therapist relationships and thus ensuring the best results.

Learn how our professional can assist you in writing a personal ethics statement here.

2. Accountability

As a student you should be responsible for your education process, that’s why if you can accept the challenge you need to show clearly you can not only obtain the incoming information yourself but also be able to find the additional sources.

Best things you can do is to get enrollment in the particular study group, develop a training schedule and improve your knowledge and learning strategies with your professor’s help, this way you project enthusiasm and accountability for your education, if you don’t have proper accountability this may affect your future patient as a result.

personal statement for physical therapy school writer

3. Ethics

A physical therapist is allowed to practice only after obtaining a professional license. Bear in mind that every professional should also stick to the corporate ethics to avoid many unpleasant situations.

Upon knowing it all you will be absolutely able to follow the standards and regulations. The admission committee will be sure you will be always interested in acting on behalf of your patients in the future no matter what. The statements that can help you show that can be:

  • Following the particular religion or holding a certain belief
  • Having certain principles in life as a whole
  • Situations when you needed to solve ethical dilemmas and what were the turning points that pushed you to make decisions

4. Maturity

For ensuring you can handle the most unexpected and extreme situations with a cold head as a therapist you must show that you can function perfectly well in any kind of stressful conditions.

Your maturity can be accessed from the point of social, physical and emotional wellness. There’s nothing wrong in being vulnerable to every human being but the ability to control your emotions is of a higher value for the future physical therapist. If you’re searching for the relevant PTCAS personal statement examples, you can familiarize yourself with one of them:

PTCAS personal statement sample        sample physical therapy personal statement

Common Avoidable Mistakes in PTCAS Essay Prompt

  • Avoid the underestimations and the overestimations, make sure there’s no ambiguity and the room for the double interpretation of your words in your sentences.
  • The worst thing that can be made in your essay and personal statement is stating the same idea over and over but with different words in different forms.
  • Don’t write it like a novel, avoid unessential words and difficult to process word constructions.
  • Do not oversimplify the profession in your sentences, watch your writing style, don’t include the information the committee already knows that has nothing to do with you personally. You might be mistaken if you think that as a Pt you will work exceptionally in sports rehab. You can be assigned as well to burn recovery department or wound care unit, stroke rehab or prosthetics.
  • Do not capitalize the name or title of the profession, no matter what it is a physical therapist or physician assistant, learn that from good PTCAS essay example.
  • Avoid generalities and clichés. The most common clichés for the personal statements are:

physical therapy personal statement cliches

Writing the PTCAS essay and supporting physical therapy personal statement should be no surprise for you if you defined all the key ideas to put in beforehand. If you manage to answer the prompt properly and also incorporate different examples to show all the right aspects of your personality the results will most certainly cheer you up. There’s no better than hire a writer for personal statement and get an effective personal statement that provides context to your story and describes your solid determination to become a good physical therapist.

We know how to make your PTCAS personal statement sound professional! Start your successful academic career with us!

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