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UC Santa Cruz Admission Requirements

Address: 1156 High St, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, United States

Website: https://www.ucsc.edu/

Entrance Difficulty: High

State: California

Acceptance rate:  58.4%

Average Cost: $14,025

When it comes to the UC Santa Cruz admission requirements, applicants should ensure that they could complete all requirements on time to be eligible and do their best to meet the submission deadline to become part of the university.  If applying for a nursing degree, they must submit a stellar nurse practitioner personal statement as well. For a complete guide on what to know about the requirements and statistics, check out the following.

uc santa cruz admission statistics


  • 64% are admitted
  • 16,618: Full-time
  • 569: Part-time
  • 7,941: Full-time men
  • 8,677: Full-time women
  • 27,645: Total applications
  • 17,643: Admitted
  • 3,290: Enrolled
  • 15,668: Undergraduates
  • 1,519: Graduates

Facts about the University

  • UCSC is a huge research institution and a good place in getting experience in the lab.
  • The university was founded in 1965, and it is a comprehensive and a public school.
  • The university was accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Popular Majors and Degrees at UCSC

Here are some of the University of California Santa Cruz majors that applicants can choose from when applying, but of course, it has to be based on interest. They also have to comply with UC Santa Barbara admission requirements.

UCSC Acceptance Required Documents

  • US passport card or US passport
  • Alien registration receipt card or permanent resident card
  • Employment authorization documents with a photograph
  • Foreign passport with a temporary stamp

Average Test Scores for the Application

The average score for SAT composite at the university is 1762 on the previous SAT scale 2400. On the new 1600 scale, the UC Santa Cruz average SAT score is 1260.

Application Requirements

In submitting the requirements, applicants need to make sure that they know about the University of California Santa Cruz application deadline to be eligible for the admission and eventually get the degree. Here are the academic guide requirements that applicants should submit.

Freshman applicants

  • Complete the minimum college-preparatory a-g courses with eleven finished prior to the start of the semester. Here are the courses:
  1. History and social science: Two years
  2. English: Four years
  3. Mathematics: Three years
  4. Laboratory science: Two years
  5. Language other than English: Two years
  6. Visual and performing arts: One year
  7. College preparatory elective: One year
  • GPA requirement: Applicants should earn at least a 3.0 GPA or higher and for non-California residents, applicants should earn at least 3.4 GPA or higher with no C grade.
  • Applicants should meet the examination requirement by taking the ACT Plus Writing or SAT with the essay. The university is not using the SAT Subject Tests for the selection purpose, but there are some programs recommending them those.
  • Qualifying by statewide path for California applicants only – Applicants need to earn a 3.0 GPA in a-g courses. They also need to complete the examination requirement, the SAT with essay or ACT Plus Writing.
  • Qualifying by local path for California applicants only – Applicants need to earn at least 3.0 GPA and complete the 11 a-g courses.
  • Out of state applicants: The requirements for applicants are an examination, scholarship, and subject. They need to earn at least 3.40 GPA.

International applicants: Applicants need to complete the 15 academic courses with a GPA of 3.40. They also need to meet other requirements in their country and take the SAT with essay or ACT Plus Writing.

uc santa cruz admission help

Image Credit: e-dimosio.gr

Tips for Writing the Personal Statement


  • Answer all the prompts asked. Even though you struggling in answering the different questions, you need to because they are essential for the admission committee to know more details about you. In answering, you need to tailor your response to each of the prompts.
  • Be confident and honest. Applicants need to use positive statements and avoid making excuses or hiding about weaknesses. In some cases, it is better not to mention your weaknesses. You can write a personal statement focusing on your strengths instead.
  • Write an interesting and coherent essay. Be sure to make your opening paragraph the real catch because it is where you will grab the attention of your readers. Develop a thesis: Every detail you write in your personal statement should support your thesis.
  • 2 or 4 main topics – In writing the personal statement, you do not need to write everything. You need to avoid including information that wastes space. Instead, you need to discuss your maturity, ability, and professionalism.
  • Use the essay as a form of introduction. Your personal statement is not just about answering a specific question, but it is also your chance to introduce yourself.
  • Ask. You need to ask yourself some questions as you edit your content. 

Questions like:

  • Are your goals articulated?
  • Do you need to explain why you selected the program or the school?
  • Do you need to demonstrate your knowledge about the program or school?
  • Do you need to include interesting information that supports your claims?
  • Is your tone confident?


  • Do not use overused, vague or empty words like beautiful, rewarding, invaluable, challenging or meaningful.
  • Do not write minor points.
  • Do not repeat other details that can be found in other documents, unless you need to use them in illustrating some points.
  • Do not emphasize the negative statements.
  • Do not try to be funny or write some jokes.
  • Do not get too personal about politics or religion.
  • Do not use gimmicks.

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