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Why Ivy League Transfer Essay Should Be Perfect

Your Ivy League transfer essay or writing personal statements should focus primarily on the reason for the transfer. It should state why you want to be in the school in the clearest and concise manner. Transfer essay Ivy League is the perfect opportunity for transfer students to responsibly defend or explain factors such as imperfect grades and to explain what they have put in place to overcome this. It also avails the student the opportunity to show your strength, character and to take responsibility for your actions. If you don’t know how to write such an essay then getting in touch with personal statement writing service is the right choice!

A standard transfer essay is written differently from other types of essay. Firstly, it enables you to tell your story in your own words. You are opportune to throw a good light on the main reason for transferring from one institution to the next.

Importance of Writing a Perfect Ivy League College Transfer Essay

The importance of writing college transfer essay is dependent on certain factors. Aside from your high GPA and ACT, extracurricular activities, high grades and so on. Transfer essay shows your relevance from three dimensions. It should highlight your contributions to society using your goals and field of study. They serve as deciding factors to the admission committee and they should from a glance be able to assess what you are bringing to the table.

ivy league transfer essay helpHow to Write an Ivy League Transfer Application Essay

The first rule in writing transfer application essay is never to blacklist your school
Don’t be negative about the institution because you never liked it. It is safer not to attach any form of emotion in your transfer application essay. It gives the implication that you are making the school take responsibilities for your challenges.
Show your intellect
Talking a subject say science or any other related topic with passion can be helpful.
Be as personal as possible
Ivy League transfer essay should be very personal. Remember that other students are sending in the same transfer essays. Personalizing your essay gives it a form of uniqueness and distinguishes you. Ensure also that you are the academic focus, purposeful and have a specific audience in mind when writing.
Your goal should express your personality
Make them realize that you are fit for the slot in the college, emotionally, intellectually and so on.

You can also see other transfer essay examples Ivy League as a guide on how to write an essay.

transfer essay examples ivy league ivy league transfer essay

About Ivy League Transfer Personal Statement

Getting transferred into the Ivy League is not so easy. You will find it easier getting in as a freshman than a transfer student. However, it is not an impossibility when you write a killer transfer personal statement or essay.  Also, a GPA waiver letter can be attached to your documents to explain low GPA. Fulfilling all necessary requirements is vital to your acceptance as well. Please go through our website for transfer essay examples Ivy League. The following are a prerequisite to your acceptance:

  • A GPA of 3.7 or higher. Ivy League schools are rather selective and only admit about 10% of applications received.
  • A transfer to Ivy League school essay. Here you write on something that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • A combined SAT score (RW+ M) of more than 1200.
  • An ACT composite of 24 or more.
  • A strong academic record. This should include good grades in AP Classes, IB courses, core subjects, full coverage of core subjects in math, English, science, IELTS foreign language and history or social science.
  • Letter of recommendation. It gives an outside perspective of your personality, your talents and shows how prepared you are.
  • College interview. This is part of the application process for schools with holistic admissions. It provides you and the interviewer locate the best match for you.

Ivy League Universities Have Different Specifics for College Transfers: Transfer to Ivy League School Essay

Here are some features of the Ivy League schools for which you would require an exceptional transfer to Ivy League school essay:

Dartmouth College
Dartmouth’s the smallest of the Ivy schools. It has a low acceptance rate of 11%. Accept an ACT composite score of 25, a combined SAT exam score of over 1250.
Harvard University
Harvard is the most selective of all the institutions. Its acceptance rate is 5%, SAT score of over 1300 and ACT composite score of more than 28.
Princeton and Yale Universities
Princeton and Yale Universities do accept about 7% of applicants. You should have a GPA of 4.0, ACT composite scores of more than 25 and SAT scores of above 1250 to be accepted.

How to Write a Perfect Ivy League Application Essay

  • Understand the prompt when writing Ivy League application essay. Adequately filling the Common App is a necessary factor.
  • Focus on the ‘why you want to transfer.
  • Be specific. Focus on a single point and keep it narrow.
  • Use attention-grabbing introductions. You can see transfer essay examples Ivy League.
  • Follow a student’s interests from childhood or an approach your subject from a unique angle.
  • Use details that will give a more vivid picture of your personality without reliance on your SAT exam scores and others.
  • Stress your unique qualities and highlight these traits.
  • Be honest about all your information. Don’t make things up even in GPA waiver letter, IELTS for international students and more.
  • State your academic plans for the Ivy League.
  • Edit and proofread until it is perfect.

professional transfer essay ivy leagueOur Expert Essay Writing Help

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