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Letter of Recommendation Writing Service

Writing Letters of Recommendation with an Ease

A letter of recommendation is a document that is used during the employment process and is written by the job seeker to submit along with a resume. The recommendation letter helps the employee to underline the professionalism and the willingness to work in the certain company whereas for the employer it helps to make the decision easier because it provides a certain level of insurance in the potential employee.

Such kind of letter proves that the candidate corresponds to the certain level of qualification providing the professional opinion of the third party. The more recommendation letter is suited to the particular job and place of work the more chances it potentially holds for success. The recommendation letter can highlight the strongest features of the person, his or her leadership skills, enthusiasm, personality traits that might become defining for the employment decision. Here you can ask for professional help with your LoR by placing an order at our best personal statement services.

  letter of recommendation sample  personal statement letter of recommendation
Place your address on the top right, followed by the recipient’s name and open the letter with Dear Sir/Madam. State all pertinent details about your personality in terms of qualification, the department you belong, a term you have been associated with the company, your involvement in all key projects etc. Mention special instances and cite extraordinary examples about yourself. If possible make comparisons, so that you have an upper hand over your colleagues. It will equip the committee with relevant reasons for hiring you. However, ensure that you neither exaggerate yourself nor be too succinct. Avoid any vague statements. Open your paragraph on a punchy note describing your eminent qualities and end on an affirmative note. Finally, make a professional business closing and sign your name.

We can easily assist you with:

  • A letter of recommendation for a student
  • A letter of recommendation for a co-worker
  • A recommendation letter for a friend
  • A letter of recommendation for college
  • A personal letter of recommendation
  • A recommendation letter for graduate school
  • A recommendation letter for a job

expert letter of recommendation writing service

Tips That Will Make Your Letter of Recommendation Remarkable

  • The reputable names and/or well-known company mentioned. Without doubts, the reputation of the well-known or the influential person or place of work does the trick, if the best industry experts are here to recommend you the other proofs of your professionalism become not so important.
  • Precise customizing. It requires a lot of work to suit the standard formal letter to the specific requirements of the new job, brings in and highlights the features of the personality that will be more welcomed and suitable on the certain position is hard but this trick pays off quickly.
  • Examples and more examples. The plain listing of the soft skills will sound familiar and standard to the potential employer, what really will be able to generate an impact is the specific case the result of which can show the truth about who you are and thus persuade the reader in your professionalism and problem-solving abilities.

writing letters of recommendation with right formatting

First Paragraph or Letter of Recommendation Introduction

  • At the beginning of your recommendation letter, mention the duration you have known the person you are recommending.
  • Also, state how you know him/her. Is he your subordinate or colleague?
  • Mention the duration that he/she is working in the company.
  • Do not forget to describe his/her duties on all significant projects performed. As a concluding paragraph, sum up all your opinions and make a generalized opinion about the person you are recommending.

Second Paragraph of Your LoR

  • Describe him in context of his professional qualities as in how he/she takes up the challenges and performs particular tasks or duties.
  • List all her/his achievements and mention his specialization.
  • Focus a little bit on his weak attributes as well along with positive features.
  • State how they reveal themselves in public and at the workplace while communicating and carrying on their professional interactions.

Third Letter of Recommendation Paragraph

  • Finally, create a crisp and clear image of the person in the context of his personal attributes, responsibilities, politeness, generous behavior.
  • And finally, recommend him or her for a particular position, closing the letter with your own signature.

writing letters of recommendation help5 Letter of Recommendation Killers That You Need to Stay Away From

Some information in the letter of recommendation can spoil the whole work that you made trying to achieve a good self-recommendation that sounds credible. Read through your LoR and make sure you didn’t stumble across those common mistakes:

  • Don’t exaggerate accomplishments. It can be checked easily
  • Try to use your own language rather than describing the person in cliche-style
  • Don’t pick the person for the writing how doesn’t know you well
  • Don’t duplicate the information from your CV
  • Proofread and make sure the letter does not include the grammar mistakes and typos

Make your job easy by going through recommendation letter samples: If you are writing the letter of recommendation sample or business information systems personal statement for the first time, you can have an intimidating experience and sample recommendation letters make your job hassle-free by providing you with correct pattern. Master the common elements of the sample letter and gain expertise in your writing. These samples provide appropriate assistance and can steer you with correct guidelines.

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