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Answers to Why Northwestern Essay Prompt

To answer the question, “Why Northwestern essay” in the Northwestern University essay prompts looks like an easy task. But wait until you realize that over 3,000 applicants would write personal statements topic to secure admission into the same institution, and here you may need help writing personal statement. Northwestern University is a prestigious institution built over a decade and a half ago. It ranks as the 10th best college for national universities based on US News World ranking for 2019. Schooling in an institution that’s in Division 1 and amongst the Big 10 athletic conference is a big deal. Therefore, writing an outstanding Northwestern University essay prompt has to be a big deal too!

The Northwestern application essay prompt is a 300-word essay that focuses on showcasing who you truly are. It should help capture your story-telling skills, spelling and writing ability. The Northwestern University essay should address how your interests and that of the institution align to achieving your goals.

why northwestern essay helpNorthwestern Application Essay Requirements

When applying to Northwestern University you need to take into consideration the Northwestern application essay deadlines, HPME application essays, and dates. They cover early decision applicants, regular decision applicants, transfer applicants, international applicants.

Application into Northwestern University is broken into the different groups of interest.

First-year students
  •  Coalition or common application
  •  High school transcript
  •  Counselor and teacher recommendation
  •  SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS (TOEFL & IELTS for International students)
  •  Application fee of $75 or waiver fee application and more
Transfer students
  • Coalition or common application
  • Academic transcript from the university
  • High school transcript
  • College report
  • SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS scores (TOEFL or IELTS is for international students)
  • Application fee of $75 or waiver fee application and more
Applications with more requirements include:
  • Homeschooled applicants, Integrated Science Program (ISP)
  • Bienen School of Music, Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME)
  • Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (MMSS)
  • School of Communication Musical Theatre Certificate Program

You can access Northwestern essay examples on our site plus get expert advice on writing and processing Northwestern University admissions.

northwestern essay examples10 Tips for Writing Northwestern University Admissions Essay

  • Be precise and concise by going straight to the points, avoiding fluff and needless repetitions when answering the northwestern university admissions essay prompt.
  • Try to display a show of integrity by being honest and consistent in your summations while avoiding exaggerations.
  • Look for points that make you distinguishable from the crowd. What makes you unique or different from hundreds of other applicants writing the northwestern supplement essay?
  • Check your facts, names, and comments accurately to avoid misinforming the admissions committee.
  • Give vivid discussions and instances when writing to sound appealing to the readers.
  • Pick a controversial or intriguing issue of interest and provide valid views and arguments.
  • Try to use humor sparingly if you must as it might not sound funny to the reader.
  • Get your thoughts and work organized using the introduction, body and conclusion structure.
  • Start the essay writing process early to beat the deadline and deliver exceptional writing.
  • Do everything to write your introduction to be attention-grabbing to secure the committee’s attention.

Common Mistakes You Can Make While Writing a Northwestern Personal Statement

Exceeding the word count
Some applicants try to impress by writing longer essays or Northwestern personal statement than stipulated by the admissions committee. Stick to the upper limit. Some institutions will normally reject your essay if it exceeds the desired length.
Relying entirely on spelling and grammar checker tool
When writing your university application essay it would be an error to depend entirely on your computer’s spell checker. Always, remember that even when the computer spells every word properly it doesn’t mean they are correct or used in context.
Re-writing the resume
It is an error to repeat the key information contained in the resume when writing your essay as the committee must have gone through the resume already. The essay should help to committee learn more about your personality, interests, motivation, team spirit, curiosity and more.
Writing a general essay, not institution focused the essay
Some applicant makes use of one Northwestern diversity statement or essay for multiple institutions without realizing that each institution possesses key features, slogans, and cultures that differentiate them. At the end of the day, the committee can easily spot that the essay is not specific for Northwestern.
Poor organizational skills
It pays to organize your work in an easy to read but planned manner. Some applicants submit disjointed essays due to sometimes starting late and not giving careful thought to the structure to use in presenting the essay.

Our Professional Northwestern University Essay Prompt Service Help

Applicant-focused writing
Writing Northwestern University essay prompt is very technical as one has to present a distinct story and imagery of oneself. And that means answering the essay prompt in a manner that will cause the committee to pick interest in you as an applicant. At our service, we strive to present each applicant’s responses in the right manner that the admission committee cannot ignore. Our service covers every help required from SAT essay, GPA exam, ACT waiver letter our statement writers are always available to do exceptional work.
Essay prompt editing
In the case you settled for writing personal statements or essay prompt for Northwestern University alone, no problem, and then you can rely on our professional editing service to get the essay looking the best of standards. At our editing service, we check through your essay manually and afterward use premium editing and content checker tools to help phase out any further issues.
Essay prompt advisory service
Working with a team of essay writing experts who have been through Northwestern and similar other universities as students, administrators and more makes it very easier for us to deliver the best advice on securing admission into Northwestern University and more.

professional northwestern application essayOur Professional Writing Service Guarantees

Choosing our Northwestern University essay writing service help means accepting the best professional help ever. And these are some of the guarantees you get ordering our service:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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