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From How to Choose a Career to How to Conclude a Personal Statement

You probably feel that just yesterday, you could not decide what to study and which university to choose, and now your deadline for application submission is fast approaching. Yes, the journey to a career goes through picking a field to study, selecting an appropriate study program, and finally, writing a personal statement to get into the dream university.

writing a personal statement closing paragraph

From the initial steps – choosing a career – you should be thinking of the final ones – how to conclude personal statement. This will help you a lot in making it a holistic narrative. You will be able to explain how you started and got to where you are right now. A personal statement should be memorable and vivid, so the more details about the whole journey you can spare, the better the result is. And lastly, knowing how to close a personal statement effectively also adds points to your application. And that is what we will discuss further in this text.

The Significance of a Vivid Personal Statement Ending

The closing paragraphs in personal statements are much more than just a requirement. They serve as the culmination of your story, your last chance to make an impression, and a chance to advance your eligibility. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a compelling conclusion because it is what can turn an average application into one that stands out, which is why you should know how to finish a personal statement.

Surely, there are a number of functions a vivid personal statement ending performs:

     1. Leaving a lasting impression

The conclusion is a final note that echoes over and over again. All the content of the paper can be long forgotten and mixed till you get to the final part, and this is a chance for your story to linger for longer.

     2. Framing

Leaving your personal essay without a proper conclusion is a bad trend. It makes the reader reread the whole text in order to remember it, and a conclusion gives it a sort of frame that structures the content and makes it easier to navigate.

     3. Topics closure

Each theme discussed in a personal essay has to lead to something – to concluding a personal statement with reflections on the importance and value of the mentioned events. It’s a chance to reflect on your experiences, the insights you’ve gained, and the growth you’ve gone through.

     4. Stirring up the interest

If there is something unsaid or mysteriously and abruptly mentioned in your conclusion – the admission committee will be eager to find out more and proceed to the next stage of applying.

So, do not underestimate the power of a compelling conclusion of a personal statement. This is your one and only chance to make an impression, be noticed, and stand out from the crowd of applicants.

How to Close a Personal Statement Like a Pro

As mentioned, the document’s conclusion is like a tune that never leaves your mind. But how to conclude a personal statement so that it really becomes an echo?

  • Reflect on all events previously mentioned – show how they brought you to where you are. Moreover, you could also tell about how you see the future once you finish your education.
  • Create a frame – start your document with a narrative and end it with the resolution in a conclusion. Then, the whole paper will be seen as a sort of story. This way, you won’t have to guess how to end personal statement for long, but develop this from the intro.
  • Use an inspirational quote – it could be a quote from a famous person or someone close to you. However, it is vital to prove their value in your life throughout the whole personal statement.
  • Make a short summary – conclusions for personal statements should summarize previously mentioned points. Yet, make sure they are as brief as possible, and you are not retelling everything twice.
  • Do not neglect revisions – ask your friends or even experts to give feedback on your closing paragraph. You can even write a few versions of your conclusion to start with, then apply the necessary changes based on feedback, and choose the one that resonates the most with your external readers.

So, craft a conclusion that is easy to grasp and inspires. The more it resonates with the readers – the longer they will remember it. Besides, another way to make a personal statement conclusion like a pro is to delegate your documents to seasoned specialists who know all the nuances of the admission processes to your chosen programs and can transform your ideas into a convincing document with a vivid and motivating conclusion.

Ending a Personal Statement – What to Avoid?

There are also some things to steer clear of using in your final sentences of a personal statement. Such things will only create unnecessary noise and take up the limited text volume.

So, when ending personal statement avoid using:

  • Cliches
  • Ambiguity
  • Impersonal statements
  • Complaints about life choices
  • Negative tone
  • Slang and jargon

Remember that everything that you have lived through is an experience. It could be tough and unhappy times for you – yet it is what brought you to where you are and made you ambitious and strong. And that is the only way to write about it as nobody will be impressed with a whiner but with a resilient person – yes.

Find Your Inspiration for Great Ending Personal Statement

To find your inspiration when ending a personal statement, try to browse through examples and actual statements of other students available online. This will not only give you the idea of how to end a statement, how the conclusion should look like, and what to include in it, but also what to avoid in your own conclusion. Once you see a few of them, you will be able to tell which move is a good one and which is redundant.

how to end a personal statement examples

This is a great way to learn and enhance not just the conclusion for personal statement but the whole document. You will be able to make it unique, engaging, and compelling without repeating what is now a new cliche. The only thing is to pick only the samples from trustworthy resources and professional personal statement writers like ours to be confident in the author’s proficiency and the work’s quality.

Get Experts to Write Your Conclusion of Statement of Purpose

So, writing the conclusion of your application doc is a crucial step that can leave a lasting impression on admissions committees. This is your chance to bring your story to a compelling, impactful conclusion. Fortunately, if you want to make sure your doc ends on a high note, our team of expert writers is here to help. With their help, your conclusion personal statement will definitely resonate with those who review your application.

help on how to finish a personal statement

We place a high value on our customers’ comfort when providing professional personal statement services, which is why we offer a variety of ordering options, let customers interact directly with the writers of their conclusion of statement of purpose for greater influence, and price fairly. Additionally, complete confidentiality and secure payment options serve as the foundation.

Delegate your personal statement closing paragraph to us, and expect total success!