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Why Clemson Application Essay Has to Be Good

Writing a Clemson application essay should be done with a form of professionalism that is bound to grasp the attention of the reader even at a glance. This is key because has a rating of the number one ‘jock school’ by both the U.S News and the World Report. Also, it has a prestigious science and engineering programs. Before writing a Clemson university application essay, you need to pause and think about the admission committee that will be reading your essay. How do you intend to convince them that you are the best candidate for the admission slot? How do you intend to breathe life into your application essay?

Why Is It Important to Write a Perfect Clemson Application Essay?

In writing an application essay Clemson, you may want to consider the fact that they have a winning Division 1 team as well as loyal fans. They also boast of a variety of athletic opportunities. All these puts together make them the preferred amongst others. So in writing Clemson university admissions essay, ensure that your essay is sure to stand out. Another key factor to consider is your perfect personal statement.

clemson application essay helpClemson Optional Essay Answer: Improve Your Acceptance Chances

This aspect helps the admission committee to take into consideration things that cannot really be specified in the essay such as family circumstances that resulted in poor grades, why you withdrew from a particular class, a blot on your transcript, reasons for taken 2 years instead of 3 years of foreign language and so on. A Clemson optional essay helps to clarify any detraction from your application at just a glance.

Clemson University Admission Requirements

At Clemson, only students with excellent academic qualification are accepted. The following areas are scrutinized by Clemson university admission officers:

  • Application class rank. A student is expected to have a mix of A’s and B’s
  • Standardized test scores – a common GRE test, could be SAT or ACT. Clemson University expects that applicants should be at the top 22% of the SAT test takers. For SAT composite scores, 1220 on a scale of 1600 is acceptable
  • GPA application stating 3.72 scale
  • Freshman level math, English and science
  • State residency
  • Transcript
  • Clemson letters of recommendation
  • Clemson statement of purpose

clemson application essay clemson university application essay

10 Tips for Writing an Application Essay for Clemson University

Understand your prompt
Ensure that you have a good understanding of the prompt or question being asked. Are you to support, expand, inform or defend it? Also if you need to add a Clemson optional essay, be sure to know the dos and don’ts of an optional essay.
Plan your writing
Having a good writing plan can ensure that a rewrite will not be necessary. Create an outline, plan the paragraphs, do whatever needs to be done to get the perfect Clemson university application essay.
Anecdote selection
Instead of telling them about it show it to them in your Clemson application essay. Your anecdote should reflect your perspective; this will be of more interest to the admission committee. You can also align it with Clemson university mission statement to double your chances of being accepted into the school.
Vocabulary is key
Incorrect spellings, wrong grammar, and other errors can really blow your chance. Ensure that you write your Clemson university application essay in a way that shows you already have some form of formal education.
Be succinct
Say what you want in a few words. Substitute vocabularies for phrases. Be concise.
Be specific
Narrow your essay and stick to the main idea from start to finish. Be personal and focus so you don’t lose your reader’s attention.
Get a second opinion
It is important that you get a second opinion particularly from two or three people with experiences in writing your Clemson university application essay.
Correct all wrong vocabs, typos and other errors. Be sure there is consistency. And finally, all references to a particular school should be appropriate. Don’t make the greatest mistake of having the names of two schools in one essay.
Fix loose ends
Your name, ID number and contact information are included before you submit your essay. Keep copies of what you send to each school. Do a follow-up; be sure that the school has received your application essay.

Common Mistakes in Writing an Application Essay Clemson

There are certain common mistakes that applicants can make when writing their essay:

  • Poor introduction
  • Not having a topic sentence
  • Not stating your points clearly
  • Digression
  • Wrong punctuations
  • Wrong spacing
  • Abbreviations and contractions
  • Mis-spelled words

To avoid these common errors and to get the best Clemson university application essay as well as the best personal statement, our statement writer is just what you need.

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