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Personal Statement For MBA Dual Degree Programs Online

Personal Statements for Dual Masters Degree Programs

A dual degree program is one in which two degree are worked on concurrently. It is becoming more common for graduate schools to offer dual masters degree programs to meet the demand for specialized educational options. In most cases separate application must be made to both programs even if they are within the same school. Writing a dual degree personal statement will be part of the application process. Personal statements provide admissions board’s information about students that isn’t available on other documents and provides students with the chance to make a compelling case for being accepted into a program.

What to Include in the Personal Statement for a Dual Masters Degree

The joint degree personal statement is your chance to make your case to the two graduate programs you are applying to. In some cases two personal statements will have to be written, one for each program. Occasionally one personal statement will serve for both programs. Your MBA personal statements should provide answers to the following questions:

mba dual degreeWhy do you want to get a masters degree in this field? You should be able to provide your specific reasons for wanting to get a masters degree in the particular field. Think of the main and the most important motives in order to receive a real chance.

dual degree mbaWhy do you want to get into this program? Give clear reasons that specifically attracted you to the program at this school. It might be some aspect of the course itself, a particular professor you want to learn from, specific activity or something else.

mba mph dual degreeWhy do you want to get a dual masters degree? Indicate your plan to pursue a dual degree and your main reasons for doing so. The more persuasive you are with your motives, the more real chances to get into the program you have.

mba mfa dual degreeWhat qualities and attributes do you have that make you suitable for the program? Admissions will be looking for those qualities not so easily quantified by transcripts and test scores such as having initiative or being hard working. When claiming a particular attribute you should provide examples of how you have displayed it. The qualities/attributes should be beneficial to both programs of the dual masters.

dual degree personal statementWhat are your future plans? Specific short and long term career goals you have. You should make a connection between these goals and the relationship to the dual masters degree you are pursuing.

Structuring Your Dual Masters Degree Personal Statement

There is no right or wrong way to writing the personal statement for master degree. However, the following basic structure has been found to be successful:

  1. Introduction – This is probably the most important part of the personal statement. The introduction is where you will explain why you want to study the subject and why you wish to pursue a dual masters degree.
  2. Body – The body will be two or three paragraphs where you provide the attributes that make you suitable for the course. You should include relevant background and experience that shows those attributes you want to display.
  3. Conclusion – Provide some short and long term career goals tie all the information presented together.

Tips for Writing the Joint Degree Personal Statement

The following are some basic tips you should keep in mind while writing your personal statement for masters in education:

  • Display interest and enthusiasm for both programs equally
  • Make sure to provide specific reasons for pursuing a dual degree
  • Write in a clear and concise style
  • Proofread your personal statement

Writing a personal statement for any masters program is difficult and even more so when applying for a dual masters degree. If you are having problems writing your personal statement for dual masters degree, our professional personal statement writing service we can help.

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mba mph dual degree
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