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SMU Essay Prompt

smu essay prompt

How to Respond to Common SMU Essay Prompt?

It is always recommended that an applicant should never take the essay prompts for-granted. The questions related to any certain topic require to be answered properly. First of all, you need to read all the questions carefully for sharing the relevant answers. Then, think about the answers that must make sense. Your SMU essay prompt, as well as writing a personal statement for graduate school, can make it simpler to get admission.

The Possible Questions in SMU Admission Essay Prompt

The SMU essay prompts can sometimes turn out to be a nightmare for an applicant. Therefore, it is better to do some preparation before answering the essay prompt questions.

  • How much ambitious are you to get admission in our school?
  • What will be your objectives to excel as a student after getting the admission?
  • Would you like to participate in extracurricular activities?
  • What is your weakness that can affect your strengths?
  • Are you a bookworm or studious person?

Your SMU application essay can be based on these kinds of questions. You need to be prepared for such queries.

Respond to SMU Essay Prompt With Success in Mind

The SMU essay prompt can be tricky but you can still have the best answers. You only need to know the different strategies used by successful applicants. Here are a few of those that can help make your answers provided in the personal statement shine.

Strategies for Scoring High in Your SMU Essay Prompts

  • Look at the keywords. Knowing and understanding the keywords in the WSU personal statement or the directions can help organize your answer. These will also help determine what you need to say and to know if what you have said is enough to answer the question.
  • Look at small things and your daily life. Your experiences or views about certain aspects of your life can give the committee a glimpse of who you are and the kind of character that you have.
  • Look at things from a different perspective. If asked about failures in life, construct your answer in a way that these failures helped improve your personality or made you a better person.

The Most Important Tips to an Excellent Output Appropriate for the SMU Essay Prompt

  • Read the prompts and the questions carefully. When reading the prompt three times, use the first reading to see the words or identify keywords. The second time should be on understanding what you need to write about and the third time is to examine the wording for nuances or clues that will affect your answer.
  • Before you answer, mark or underline all of the keywords. These are your guides to finding the best answers.
  • Do or follow what the prompts ask you to do. If the prompt asks you to identify, narrate or explain, be sure to do that so you can stick to the topic. Create your outline so you can cover all points without going beyond the word limit.

smu essay prompts

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