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Pepperdine Essay Prompt

The Importance of a Good Answer to Pepperdine Essay Prompt: What to Include?

To enhance your chances of admission, the Pepperdine essay prompt should be written expertly. This is your opportunity to convince the committee that you are a valuable addition to their student body. Here is your guide to coming up with an answer worthy of admission. You can also get in touch with our experienced personal statement writers and get the best help with your essay writing!

You probably don’t know about the importance of well-written answers of the essay prompt questions. Be it Pepperdine essay prompt or by the Harvard School of Business, the things that matter is the success in admission. Otherwise, you can end up in facing the ultimate rejection. You need to focus on including the appropriate words, relevant information and make it brief. These 3 things are key to set yourself apart during the selection process. And also, go through these examples to get some more idea about the nature of questions. The questions are related to an essay of Environmental Sciences.

  • What is the role of going green in your perspective?
  • Do you think that more reliance on natural environment leads to a lack of development?
  • What do you think about global warming and its effects?
  • Are there any ways to save the environment from pollution in your mind?

pepperdine essay prompt

Pepperdine University Essay Prompt: Starting Your Work without Stress

  • Read the prompt. Read it more than once to understand what the question is all about. Encircle or underline the keywords that act as clues to how the question should be answered. This will also give you an idea on the best course of action that you should take.
  • Do not aim to write what you think the committee wants to read. Write personal statement to express yourself and make your own voice be heard.
  • Be an asset. What qualities make you a good candidate for their school? Support the qualities with personal experiences or events that tell how you developed or used in real life situations.

Pepperdine Admission Essay: Make Way for a Successful Output

  • Outline. Make a list of what you need to answer for the prompt. Then, identify what qualities or evidences will you include as supporting ideas or examples.
  • Be organized. Show your readers that you know what you are writing about and you fully understand the topic at hand. Use the qualities or examples that you included in your outline and apply these in different parts of the essay.
  • Be logical. Explain your stand about the issue or your point of view. To avoid boring your readers, use variations in the word choice, sentence structure and length. However, always stay connected to your topic.
  • Be certain by proofreading. Evaluate your work and if it really did address the prompt. Check word usage, grammar, spelling and paragraph transitions.

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