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Sociology Personal Statement

The Importance of a Perfect Sociology Personal Statement

Your sociology application will need to show you in the very best possible light if you are going to be accepted into your first or any other choice for studies. Most places are oversubscribed so you are really going to have to do well to be selected. Grades and other facts and figures are never going to be the deciding factor for any application. They will be looking for so much more which is why your politics and sociology personal statement will need to be written so well. Your sociology personal statement is often going to be the deciding factor for your application.

How to Write an Outstanding Sociology Personal Statement

There are personal statements and then there are those personal statements that make the writers stand out. You need to ensure that the writing of your personal statement makes you stand out from the crowd of poorly written personal statements that will be received. Most people realize that they have to convince the reader that they have a passion for sociology and that they have the skills and the reasons to attend the course they are applying for. What they lack are the skills to write it in a way that does not switch off the reader. You have to ensure that you:

  • Open with attention-grabbing first few lines that will hook in the reader
  • Write in a highly positive manner about what you will do and what you will achieve, they don’t want to know what you don’t want to do
  • You have a limited word count so do not use more words to say something that you need to
  • Never use clichés or waste your time telling them something they already know
  • Use standard everyday words and styles of writing, they will not grab for a dictionary to understand you or read it five times to decipher what you have written
  • Write about you, do not lie and never copy

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