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Internship Personal Statement

Your Internship Personal Statement Is Vital If You Want to Get Placed

When you apply for an internship you may think that all they will be interested in is your grades and your courses. But most of the other applicants are actually going to have fairly similar to you so they are going to be looking for other information to make their choice. Typically this will be your internship personal statement; this is your opportunity to tell them the reason why they should be accepting you and how you will be the very best intern. Your personal statement internship needs to be able to make you stand out from those other applicants.

Writing an Outstanding Well Written Personal Statement

Your internship personal statement must be outstanding, this means ensuring that you say everything that they are looking to know about you as well as writing it in a manner that is impressive. They want to know about you and why you really want to do this internship. They want to see that it is a vital part of your education and your career. This needs to be done through writing in a:

  • Positive manner show what you really want to achieve
  • Be relevant and concise  don’t waste time writing about things they don’t want to know
  • Don’t waste your words on clichés or saying something that is already obvious
  • Be honest – don’t lie or copy information for your personal statement

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