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Best Residency Personal Statement Quotes

There are some people who advise adding quotes in a personal statement. Some others say that adding quotes is distracting and not original. The truth is that adding quotes to a personal statement can be tricky, you need to chose the right quotes to avoid falling into not being unique. A residency demands leadership, that is why the fact of adding quotes that show that you are a leader or that somehow prove that you know what a leader should be, then it can result beneficial. Here you can find some of the best residency personal statement quotes prepared by our experts for professional help with personal statement.

3 Best Quotes for Personal Statement

The personal statement quotes can turn its content more worth-reading for the admission committees. Therefore, you should prefer adding such quotes in PS from now. Here are three quotes that you can check out.

  • “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” (David Brinkley)
  • “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible’.” (Audrey Hepburn).
  • “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” (Les Brown).

expert personal statement quotesWhy Using a Quote in a Personal Statement Is Almost Always a Mistake?

The only reason is of the relevance of the quote. Adding an irrelevant quote definitely affect the quality of your personal statement. The readers find it unimpressive rather than finding any kind of uniqueness. The quotes for residency personal statement must be found as per the type of your application. This is the only reason for creating a less appealing PS. You should try to avoid such things.

An Example of Personal Statement Quotes Is the Following:

  • The mediocre leader tells
  • The good leader explains
  • The superior leader demonstrates
  • The great leader inspires

Rules for Residency Personal Statement Quotes

Сreating best personal statement quotes like the one above make the reader get an idea about the type of things that the applicant meditates about. By reading a good quote like this one, you can tell that the person who wrote the personal statement shares that same thought. Therefore, such a person will try to imitate or apply the last sentence of the quote. It means that this applicant will try his or her best to become a leader who inspires others. That is for sure, something attractive in an applicant. Including an idea about how to inspire others could be beneficial because in that way it will be evident that you have put a lot of thought on how to inspire others. It will be clear that it is one of your goals and not that you are just quoting it to make the word count.

Another good example of quotes for personal statement is: “The World Belongs to Those Who Care Deeply, Who Dream Broadly, and Who Work Steadfastly.” That quote will prove that the person who enjoys the idea behind it, is a person who is empathic, who cares about others and not just himself. A person with no boundaries, a person that dreams high and works hard to reach his goals.

Quotes can be used as long as they provide more meaning about the person who you really are. It is recommendable to use quotes in a wise manner. Overusing quotes could easily distract the reader from getting to know more about the applicant. It is recommended to select carefully which quotes would be used in a personal statement. The quotes used, if possible, should not be commonly used. They should reveal the message you want to give about yourself and not make you look as if you were not unique. A quote rich in meaning will help you to prove your point.

Do not try to explain what you want the reader to understand. Better yet, express yourself naturally and let him get the ideas, and the message that you wish to convey. Write your personal statement in a way that follows a logical thought. Be honest about what you wish to accomplish and let them know how do you think their institution will help you. In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our professional personal statement writers for hire!

Start Personal Statements with a Direct Statement of Your Own Point of View

It depends upon the nature of the content. Some personal statements require own views while others look better with some quotes. We can’t say that including the quotes is always not a good idea. Therefore, the things that matter is to see whether it requires your personal opinion or just the single quote. Most of the time, the applicants make such mistakes because of the lack of knowledge. However, the use of quotes is more preferred for the personal statements written for Masters or PhD programs. The PS for graduation programs should be simple and concise. The personal point of view has itself a lot of significance but quotes can sometimes make the difference.

impressive quotes for personal statementOur Personal Statement Help Online

We are offering the online PS writing help with the editing. Our writers can craft unique content for you that will impress an admission board. They write from scratch by making ample search for the PS format and all the information to be added. They also work on the admission essays for the colleges and universities. The writers work on applications in the best possible way. Once they receive the order, they talk to the client and ask for making the payment. Then, you can instruct them properly about any modifications in the content.

  • The personal statements are written as per the standard format i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion.
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