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Writing the Answer to UCLA Personal Statement Prompt

A personal statement is an essential part of your application, so you need to answer it effectively and show the admission committee you are ready.

You need to answer the following questions:

  • Who you are
  • What you have achieved and
  • And what is with you that others do not have

Answering the Answer to UCLA Personal Statement Prompt

ucla personal statement promptUnderstand the prompt: In answering UCLA personal statement prompt, you need to answer it effectively, but you cannot do this when you do not understand the prompt. As much as possible, you should keep on reading the question until you get the ideas.

ucla personal statement promptAnswer straight to the point: Only give the answer that the prompt is asking and not include any other information not needed. You should only focus on the question and not on other things. You are only limited to 1,000 words in writing your essay, so you need to use the spaces correctly.

ucla law personal statementStart early: When you understand the question, you can start with personal statement writing. It is better when you start early to have more time in reading and editing it. Starting early will allow you to think what details you still need to include and what to remove.

personal statement for uclaProofread: Before you submit your personal statement, you should necessarily proofread it rather extremely carefully to ensure that there are no redundant answers, spelling mistakes or plagiarism.

UCLA Requirements for Admission

  • Complete 15 college preparatory courses, which include history, English, mathematics, laboratory science, language, visual and performing arts as well as college preparatory elective.
  • Earn GPA of 3.0 or higher if you are nonresident to the country
  • Grade with not lower than grade C
  • Meet examination requirements by taking SAT Reasoning Test and ACT Plus Writing
  • For California students, meet the minimum requirements and should not be admitted to any UC campus. It is essential to rank in top nine percent of California high school students

Prompt for Personal Statement for UCLA

ucla personal statement prompt

If you want to know about the prompt for personal statement for UCLA, this page will provide what you are looking for.

Students are required to respond to both the prompts using maximum of 1,000 words. The short response should not be shorter than two hundred fifty words. This is similar to when you write University of Florida essay

As much as possible, you should stay with the required word count. Make sure that you understand the prompt so that you can give your best responses to these. Take your time and do well in the personal statement.

  • Prompt 1: Describe the world you came from such as school, community or family. You also need to tell how the world shaped your aspirations and dreams.
  • Prompt 2: Tell about your talent, personal quality, experience, contribution or accomplishments that are essential to you. How those accomplishment or quality makes you proud and how can you relate it to who you are?

If you need to write UCLA law personal statement, understand the prompts for the essay. Finally, it is better to start early so that you can do more drafts and revision to get an exceptional result.

Begin writing the best personal statement for UCLA today!
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