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What to Write in Your Candidate Statement for Graduate School

Candidate statements have been crafted the world over. And they’ve been done so for one single reason; to convince a given group of people why they should select the individual writing the candidate statement for a given task or position. One good example is politics. Politicians always write great candidate statements to successfully woe voters to vote for them. Now, in Academia, candidate statements are written particularly to convince the school’s board for your master’s or doctoral degree why your application should be accepted by the institution. Some may refer to it as a professional personal statement. And that is why we provide students assistance with our candidate statement for graduate school service.

candidate statement for university writing

Why Are Candidate Statements Important to an Institution?

A graduate school candidate statement is vital during the application process due to a number of reasons as will be mentioned below:

  • Introduces the student to the institution: When candidate statements are skillfully written, they accentuate a student’s portfolio. In fact, it’s a great way for the institution in question to know what you’re all about and what you’ll bring to the table. Hence, it’s always important to highlight your strengths in a candidate statement for scholarship.
  • Shows how creative the student is: As much as candidate statements are academic, they also showcase a lot of creativity especially during the writing process. In fact, the main objective of a candidate statement is to woe the reader to consider your application first. That being said, it’s vital that one has a devil’s tongue when putting pen to paper. Careful though you don’t cross the boundary between great writing and flat-out lying about your achievements!
  • Can argue out your position for applying: Perhaps you just made the cut in terms of qualifications for application, but maybe you’re not as brilliant as other students out there. In that case, you should have a scholarship strong candidate statement to enable you to get a solid position in the process. There might just be something that sparks the panel’s interest when you craft up an amazing candidate statement.

candidate statement for graduate school help

So How Does One Write a Great Candidate Statement for Graduate School?

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when writing in terms of beginning and how to end a personal statement:

  • Introduce yourself to the admissions board: The first and most critical part of a professional personal statement is telling your story. You have to let the admissions board know who you are, where you’re from, and what you’re ambitions are.
  • Why you’re the ideal student for admission: The fact that the admissions board receives hundreds of applications every day should not deter you. After introducing yourself, proceed to convince them why you are the best candidate they should select during the application process. Here, you can iron out your strengths e.g., great leadership skills, active sportsman, commendable grades. Feel free to showcase your strongholds as much as possible!
  • What’s in for the institution if they select you: More or less, you’re building on your strengths. Perhaps you can guarantee that the varsity basketball team will make it to the college playoffs if they select you because of your incredible basketball IQ. All in all, ensure you argue out your points effectively.

Some Dont’s and Words You Shouldn’t Use in Candidate Statements

Here are some dont’s and words that you should avoid whenever you’re writing an admission essay:

  • Never use the ‘what you did with your life’ angle when writing a personal statement
  • Another generic no-go is the ‘I’ve always wanted to be a…’. It has been exhausted over the years.
  • Don’t dwell so much on your past achievements. In fact, it’s one of the biggest mistakes that students make. That’s because your achievements do not portray the true person that you are inside.
  • Another vital mistake we make is lecturing the reader of our candidate statements. In fact, avoid at all costs writing statements like ‘Education is a key factor in every person’s life.’ We’re pretty sure that any undergraduate, as well as graduate admissions panel, know this already.

Here are some of the words and phrases that you should be avoiding in your candidate statement grant application:

  • Interesting, feel good, incredible, useful
  • Enjoyable, enjoy stimulating, rewarding, invaluable
  • Meant a lot to me, remarkable, satisfying, it’s important
  • I like helping people, challenging, appealing aspect, meaningful
  • Interesting, appealing to me, gratifying, helpful
  • Helping people I can contribute, exciting, excited

What Makes a Great Candidate Statement for Graduate School?

Below are some great tips you can apply to making your candidate statement for university credible and noteworthy:

  • Construct a clear and concise narrative: You should have a narrative that relays why you’re a great fit and a noteworthy applicant for a position in the institution in question. Hence, you should think about a number of key points that you would like to discuss, and then build on them as you explain them in your statement. This will also ensure that your grad school candidate statement length will be just about right and attention-grabbing

In some cases, where you have gaps in your application, it’s great that you address them wholly. For example, say you had a couple of low marks during a given semester. If the reason was a health problem, then this should clearly be communicated in your personal statement.

  • Using specific examples: Each and every one of your points should be followed by a well-defined example. For instance, if you say that you are an avid soccer player, you can talk about how you were the captain of your high school team and how you led your soccer team to two finals in a row. This will definitely give the admissions panel insight on how experienced you are in a given field.
  • Strong writing: Having strong writing skills is a great way to impress the panel in question. That being said, ensure that you communicate clearly in your personal statement. You can do this by ensuring that you don’t have any syntax and grammatical errors as you write your personal statement.

Ensure to also avoid any gimmicks, over-used phrases, and grammatical errors.

That being said, for further assistance on how to write an effective candidate statement grant you can patronize our services today. We will help you with following candidate statements:

  • Personal statement
  • Graduate candidate statements
  • Candidate statements for project proposals
  • Candidate statement grant application

You can also check out a sample candidate statement graduate school to help you improve your writing.

So get in touch with us today if you’d like a comprehensive candidate statement for graduate school!
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