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How To Get Into Advanced Standing MSW Programs

Okay, here is the deal: Applying to get on an advanced standing MSW (masters of social work) program is hugely exciting, but it’s also time-consuming and actually pretty gosh darn difficult.

After all, fundamental to your application is the big bad personal statement that we as a collective human race have been programmed to dread.

When you ask for help, people tell you two things:

  1. It’s going to hurt
  2. It’s going to take up to a month to write


The good news is that it actually doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s take a look at how to write a personal statement for advanced standing MSW programs the easy way.

How To Write A Personal Statement For MSW Advanced Standing Programs – The Basics

msw advanced standing programsYour personal statement needs to start with the basics. See, the thing we struggle with most when writing an application statement is the content. Many of us don’t know where to start, and we certainly have no idea how in heck fire we’re going to come up with 2,000 words or so. To help you create some much-needed content, consider these questions:

  • Why did you first get interested in social work?
  • Why do you want to move onto an advanced standing MSW?
  • What are your ultimate career goals?
  • Why are you right for this course?
  • Why did you choose this school in particular?
  • What have you done outside the classroom that is relevant to this course?

When you answer these questions, you are creating content that can be used in your personal statement.

Make use of our FSU Essay Prompt today to save your precious time!

How To Write A Personal Statement For Advanced Standing MSW Programs – Engage The Reader

advanced standing msw programsAlthough you could be forgiven for assuming that your personal statement should be bland, stuffy and disengaging (after all, this is academia, right?), the truth is that the reader wants to be engaged. No one would want to read some generic information. What is more, readers want to be entertained.

msw advanced standing programsA boring, bland and lifeless personal statement reflects badly on your personality. Indeed, the reader will assume that you are boring, bland and lifeless as well. For this reason, your personal statement needs to reflect your identity by being catchy, and it needs to engage the reader and grab their attention.

advanced standing mswAfter all, advanced standing MSW programs received hundreds of applications, and as such they’re looking for something that is eye-catching and that stands out from the crowd. They want a personal statement that is appealing and that focuses on your voice and your personality.

How To Write A Personal Statement For MSW Advanced Standing Programs – What Else?

advanced standing msw programs

As well as nailing the essential questions and engaging your reader, your personal statement also needs a few more things before you can go ahead and write it.

advanced standing mswFirstly, your tone needs to be positive at all times. This is difficult because writing the paper can be a stressful and wholly negative experience. But it’s essential that you put that aside and remain focused on injecting positivity into your paper. A reader doesn’t want to see a paper that is negative and full of despair; they want enthusiasm and energy. So give it to ‘em!

You also need to include your long term plans, and you also need to show that you’re a critical thinker. This is an advanced standing MSW after all, and as such you have to demonstrate that you will thrive in an advanced environment.

Do not forget about personal statement editing because no one likes an application full of mistakes.

Lastly, tutors will want to see some transferable skills. These can include problem-solving, leadership, team work and management skills.

Good luck!

If you need professional help with advanced standing MSW programs, feel free to contact us right away!
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