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Best Sample Letter of Waiver

What Is a Waiver Letter?

waiver letterA waiver letter is a formal written document sent to an individual, business, or some other type of organization that asks them to put aside a certain requirement that would normally be put into effect. The requirement that you are asking to be excused from can be just about anything depending on the situation.

  • Monetary waivers such as a request that you do not have to pay a fee or penalty
  • School application requirements waiver such as having to take an entrance exam or to have a certain grade point average to be admitted to a school
  • Waiver of a right such as the right to file a law suit

Sending somebody a waiver letter, for example,waiver letter of recommendation doesn’t mean that the requirement will be waived. It is a request that you are asking them to consider.

sample waiver letterHow to Write a Waiver Letter

A waiver letter is a formal document and should follow a business letter format. The basic structure of the waiver letter and what it should include is shown here:

  • Heading: Your contact information (name, address, phone number) and the contact information of the letter recipient
  • Salutation: A standard opening such as “Dear Mr. Jones”, “To Whom it may concern”, or something else appropriate to the situation
  • Body: The body of your letter consists of explanation of what it is you are asking for. Begin your letter with an explanation of why you are writing. Whether you are asking for a fee to be waived, to be excused from taking a test or something else you need to clearly explain what it is that you are asking for. The basis for your request: Provide an explanation of why you are making your request. Perhaps some financial hardship has caused you to request a fee be waived. Include any relevant information that supports your explanation.
  • Conclusion: Briefly thank the person for their time and consideration in the matter
  • Signature: A complimentary close such as “Sincerely yours”, your hand written signature and your typed name

Reviewing a sample waiver letter can be useful before you write your own. If possible look at an example that is similar to what you want. Reviewing a fee waiver letter sample if you want a fee waived would be more helpful than reviewing a GRE waiver letter sample. If you are unsure how to write a waiver letter our service can help.

Our Waiver Letter Writing Service

fee waiver letter sampleThe waiver letter writing service we provide can write a waiver letter for you for any circumstance you may need, for example, a GMAT waiver letter. Our professional writers all possess advanced degrees as well as having extensive experience with waiver letters. Every letter we write is original and tailored to meet your specific requirements. Benefits of using our service include:

  • Free amendments- Our writer will make any amendments you want at no additional charge
  • Affordable rates
  • ordering and paying online are easy
  • Courteous and helpful client support around the clock

Fortunately, there is a great number of an expert of personal statement services online that can give you the necessary assistance as to make sure that your final personal statement writing will be of top notch quality.

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