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Great 1 Page Personal Statement Sample

Why Might You Need Professional Help with Your 1 Page Personal Statement?

Having a well written and professionally presented 1 page personal statement is essential in getting you noticed from among the many other applications that a hiring manager or university applications committee will have to read through, it could be for instance OTCAS personal statement. While you may have good qualifications and high grades, all of the other applicants will also be similarly qualified so you will be judged against them by use of your personal statement. This is your one chance to show just how suitable you are for them and what you can bring to the table.

Achieving the level of writing necessary to complete this and stay within the specified word count is not easy and many people will struggle in trying to sell themselves effectively. To assist with your writing, our experts have put together a one page personal statement sample which we hope will help you to understand just what is required to make you stand out.

What to Include in Your One Page Personal Statement?

When it comes to writing your personal statement, you need to focus your attention on letting them know that you have considered what they have to offer with the reasons why it appeals to you and then to try and convince them that you are the type of person that will make the biggest contribution.

Visit this page and take a glance at flawless 300 word personal statement!

Downloading and using a one page personal statement sample that is available online can be a good source of information to see how your writing should look like but you should never copy directly from these, the plagiarism will be noticed from the different writing style to you and the content won’t be about you either. Use the following to think about what you should include:

  • What makes you a more suitable candidate and why is it appealing to you
  • What led you to want to choose this career path?
  • How much experience do you already have?
  • What your interests or hobbies are and do they coincide with your career choice?
  • Where do you see yourself in the future?

one page personal statement writing help

How to Write Your One Page Personal Statement

Your personal statement should flow smoothly like a story, keeping your reader interested to read through to the end and not put it down half way through. To this end, bear in mind that you should:

  • 1 page personal statement sampleStart off with a relevant hook or anecdote to get the reader’s attention and makes them want to continue reading
  • Be concise and don’t go over the required one page word count
  • Keep the information relevant; if it doesn’t benefit your application then don’t include it
  • It should always be about you
  • Never exaggerate your abilities or lie about yourself in any way
  • Avoid using clichés and quotations
  • Check through thoroughly for errors, the smallest mistake can often put people from reading on

Guaranteed Professional Help with Your One Page Personal Statement

We understand just how hard it can be for many people to produce writing of this importance and your personal statement maybe the most important document you will ever need to write. This is why using our specialized writing services can help you create a uniquely individual and perfectly presented personal statement that will be completely effective in making you stand out from the crowd. Included in our wide range of services, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Highly affordable services with flexible discounts and no hidden extras
  • Around the clock ordering and customer support
  • Unique and perfectly written documents
  • Unlimited reviews
  • A fully confidential service
  • Direct contact with your writer
  • On time delivery, guaranteed every time
  • 100% full satisfaction or your money back

So if you want the best 1 page personal statement, get in touch with our friendly support team now for affordable services!
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