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Best American Studies Personal Statement Checklist

America studies is an interdisciplinary field of scholarship that discusses the history, culture and society of America as a whole. An America studies personal statement is quite crucial in the application process for someone who wants to study American studies. It is the best chance the student has to express themselves personally and be viewed different from the rest. Here, you should explain the reason why you are interested in this particular course and you definitely shouldn’t ignore any advice, tips, and samples such as PTCAS essay example.

You should also state the reason why you think you are fit for selection and the transferable skills and qualities you will add to this particular field of study. Our American studies personal statement example will guide you into writing a perfect statement. With us all your writing problems are sorted so follow our goal essay tips from this statement of purpose guide today!

Common American Studies Personal Statement Mistakes

american studies personal statement tips

There are quite a number of mistakes that most people make while coming up with an American studies statement of purpose. They are well illustrated in our American studies personal statement example. Some of the mistakes made often are:

  • Use of inappropriate language. This could be slang language, informal language, rude language as well as jokes. A formal tone should be used to show the seriousness of the issue being addressed. Considering this is for a competitive position, you need to be at your best.
  • Overselling yourself in the American studies statement of purpose. Some people go overboard by overdoing the part where they get to talk about themselves. One should be as modest as possible to avoid pissing off the admission department and in this way you be reduce your chances of selection.
  • Plagiarizing content and ideas. Many people just visit the internet when tasked to come up with an excellent write-up. Some also use the content from statements of successful applicants while forgetting that you are supposed to give a personal account from your own point of view.
  • Spreading across many subject topics while addressing them shallowly. Most candidates are always eager to impress the selection committee and in this way they end up addressing too many themes while being quite shallow with the details for each one of them.
  • Being too wordy and using a lot of vocabulary. Some people make it difficult for themselves by using too much technical jargon so as to make a mark to the selection committee. Some also use very many words while beating about the bush instead of hitting the nail of the head with the exact and precise words needed.

Tips on How to Make Your American Studies Personal Statement Win

american studies personal statement example

Image credit: Welling School Sixth Form

There are a couple of basic tips that you should adopt as you are coming up with an American personal statement of purpose. We provide dependable American studies personal statement help:

  • Focus on the main topics that your American studies or surveying personal statement should take care of while making sure you elaborate them well enough using examples and personal anecdotes. Make sure that you write the best American Studies personal statement oxford in an enthusiastic, concise and natural style
  • As much as you are making an impression make sure that you use language that drives the point home quite simply to get the readers an easy time. You should also address the themes with precision and simple straight forward language.
  • Providing a clear reflection of your goals and objectives and exactly how you will achieve them. The methods to achieve your objectives should be explained well enough.
  • Writing the personal statement personally so that it is a clear reflection of your personality. Avoid using someone else to write for you or rewriting someone else’s copy.
  • Starting with a strong opening sentence which creates an impression you at quite good at expressing yourself.
  • Being honest and truthful in your expressions. Lies and exaggerations should be avoided completely.
  • Proofreading the statement a couple of times to eliminate any errors present. You could read it out loud to your friend so they can help you identify any mistakes you may have made.

In case you need any form of American studies personal statement help, make sure you contact us and we will help you out!
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