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Applying for MSW MPA Dual Degree Programs

The importance of the MBA dual degree personal statement

The personal statement is one of the best tools a student has to make a case for being accepted into a graduate school program. This is especially true when applying to MBA dual degree programs. Most MBA programs are competitive to get into, with many more qualified applicants than available openings. Applicants for dual degree programs must make an exceptionally strong case as admissions wants to be sure that working towards a dual degree doesn’t distract you from putting your best effort into their program. Applicants for programs such as a MBA MFA dual degree, usually must apply to the two programs separately, and being accepted into one doesn’t ensure being accepted into the other. The personal statement dual degree MBA applicants write will carry substantial weight in selecting applicants.

How to write the personal statement for MBA duel degree programs

There are some key questions that the dual degree personal statement should answer for admissions committees. The most important issues to address are:

msw mpa dual degree programsWhy you want an MBA degree. Admissions will want to know the reasons you have for pursuing an MBA and when you developed an interest in doing so. You have to be quite convincing if you want to get into the program, so provide the most persuasive motives and goals. To get real chances, start writing your personal statement in advance.

mpamsw dual degreeYour reasons for pursuing a MBA dual degree. What specific plans to you have, and how does the MBA degree relate to the other part of the dual degree program. For example if you are applying for a MBAMPH dual degree, the personal statement should also discuss your interest in public health, when that interest developed and career plans you have with a MBA and masters in public health.

combined honours personal statementYour qualifications for the program. You will need to provide evidence that shows you have the qualities needed to successfully complete the program. Stating that you have certain qualities is not enough. Provide examples of when and how you have displayed these qualities.

Admissions is trying to determine how strong your commitment is to completing the program and your motivations for selecting this career path and how you address those issues will contribute a great deal to their decision.

Tips and suggestions for writing the MBA dual degree personal statement

The following are a few tips and suggestions for writing your dual degree personal statement that could prove useful:

  • Provide the most important information first. The first paragraph of the personal interest should cover why you want a MBA dual degree.
  • Be specific. Admissions committees want specific reasons when you discuss why this degree and they want specific examples that provide evidence when you make a statement about an attribute you possess. Avoid general or generic statements
  • Be interesting. Make your personal statement interesting. Chances are the people who read your personal statement will have read hundreds of others. An interesting personal statement will stand out. Tell a story or anecdote from your past that you can relate to the degree. Stories are always more interesting than discussing accomplishments.
  • Revise, edit and proofread. You first draft in never the best. Work on polishing your personal statement until it is as good as you can make it.

If you are having difficulty writing the personal statement for a MBA dual degree program, you may want to consider a professional help from our personal statement writing service.

Get help with your dual degree personal statement

msw mpa dual degree programs

We provide personal statement writing help for college and graduate school applicants to any program including dual degree programs. Our professional writers have graduate degrees in many different fields as well as extensive experience with personal statement writing. They know what admissions boards are looking for and how to present your information in the best way. The personal statement they provide will be completely original based on the information you provide. Some of the benefits of using our service include:

  • Free plagiarism checks on every personal statement
  • Guarantees on quality and on time delivery
  • Inexpensive rates that students can afford
  • Customer support 24/7

For a high quality and compelling personal statement contact us with all of your personal statement writing needs.

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