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5 Steps in Writing a Personal Statement Occupational Therapy

personal statement occupational therapyOne of the most important occupational therapy school requirements is your personal statement occupational therapy. The committee will judge your application not just on your grades; they will want to know just who you are and how you are going to fit into their program.

Your personal statement for occupational therapy school is your only opportunity to give them this information so you will need to ensure that you write it perfectly. Your occupational therapy personal statement needs to be attention grabbing and capable of getting that information across efficiently without any distractions due to your writing.

The best steps to follow when writing your personal statement occupational therapy

  1. You have to make your personal statement occupational therapy flow like a story:
    1. Open with an attention grabbing hook that will get their full attention such as an intriguing personal anecdote, a startling fact, or a quotation.
    2. Ensure that your statement has a logical flow that will keep the reader’s attention right from your opening lines through to the conclusion.
  2. Cover the right areas that they are looking for within your personal statement:
    1. Show that you have a long standing interest in occupational therapy and that you have followed your interest.
    2. Show that you have a clear idea as to where your studies will take you and what career you will enter.
    3. Show that you have the necessary personal skills to complete their program and contribute to it.
    4. Show that you have specific reasons for choosing their program.
  3. Keep to the requires word count for your personal statement and make every word count:
    1. Don’t repeat anything that is already available in another part of your application.
    2. Don’t state the obvious.
    3. Only include information that is fully relevant.
    4. Write about yourself, this is a personal statement about you.
    5. Be concise in what you write, never include filler.
  4. Don’t distract the reader with poor writing:
    1. Don’t use clichés; they want to read what you have to say.
    2. Never use slang, acronyms or profanity.
    3. Don’t attempt to use humor; even when done well not every reader will find it appropriate for your application.
    4. Use language that they will understand; using the thesaurus to select unusual “big” words is not going to help your application.
  5. Ensure that there are no errors within your writing:
    1. Thoroughly check your work to ensure that there are no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.
    2. Have your work professionally proofread or edited to ensure that it is free of any writing issues.

We can write the best personal statement occupational therapy

personal statement for occupational therapy school

We are a highly specialized and very professional personal statement writing service that is here to ensure that you get a personal statement that is going to maximize your chances of acceptance. Through us you get to work with a writer that will hold a higher degree in a relevant subject area and will fully understand the expectations of the committee reviewing your personal statement occupational therapy.

So if you want to have the very best personal statement occupational therapy for your application just contact our experts here today!

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